Initial Options

Help 4 all is a part of the wider 'Derek E Whittall' Legacy initiative.

It is committed to assisting with issues-resolution.

Below is a selection of start-points.

Further resources are needed for advancements.

In the interim, progress continues across all options.


The focused areas include:

Investor options: 'Astute-Moves'

Supporter interests: 'Astute Moves'

Scientific 'Keys': 'Sci-Keys'

Mind-related 'Keys': 'SciKeys'

Project development: 'DEW Legacy'

Founder expertise: 'DEW Help'

Derek's own Legacy provisions: 'DEW Trust'

Provision for equity-sharing overall: 'DEW Holdings Ltd'

Provisions to activate Help 4 All Ltd: 'Help 4 All Ltd'

First step for 'VSI':

Initial third-party provisions: 'VSI Trust'

Provision for VSI Causes: 'VSI Causes'

First step for 'Wital':

Educational provisions: 'Wital'

Consultancy co-ordination: 'The Consultancies'

Remedies to Civil misleading: 'Civilies'

Military and Policing issues: 'Civvilies'

Register interest: Contact